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    Ductless Mini-Split Services - Louisville

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    Louisville Ductless Mini-Split Service

    Ductless Mini-Split Services in Louisville, KYOne reason you may want to consider a ductless mini-split system is to eliminate issues typical with ductwork. Ducts are prone to clogging and leaks, which increase the energy consumption of your system. They are also a good way to upgrade the HVAC on a home that doesn’t have existing ductwork. Plus, in many homes, these systems can work great in tandem alongside your existing furnace or air conditioner to provide better heating and cooling throughout the year.

    A ductless mini-split system is ideal if you are looking for a non-invasive installation. The conduit usually requires a 3-inch hole through the wall.

    You can extend the pipe by up to 50 feet from its indoor air handler unit. That means the compressor can be further away from the air handler, which allows for flexible installations. Additionally, a mini-split system can have up to four indoor air handlers, which connect to one outdoor unit. It simplifies temperature regulation across different areas of the building. Some newer models also have a remote control feature for added convenience. All these features work to improve your air conditioning energy efficiency.

    Benefits of mini-split systems include:
    • Provides more manageable and flexible installations
    • Runs more quietly than conventional systems
    • Minimizes energy losses
    • Improves temperature regulation

    The location and the sizing of the system have to be correct to minimize the risk of short-cycling. The installation also has to be thorough; otherwise, it will increase inefficiencies and raise your Louisville home’s energy consumption. This is why calling in a professional can help you to size the unit to meet your home’s needs.

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    NATE Certified TechniciansBecause mini-split systems are complicated, you may want to consult our NATE-certified technicians when you need repairs. You can expect Murphy Company Heating & Cooling ‘s ductless system team in Louisville to be punctual and professional. Our courteous staff can guide you in choosing the perfect equipment for your needs. We are committed to professional excellence, and we are members of the Kentucky Association of Master Contractors.

    Murphy Company Heating & Cooling has vast experience and expertise in the installation, maintenance, and repair of ductless heating systems in Louisville, Jeffersontown, Middletown, St. Matthews, and the surrounding areas. You can also call us for more details on our trusted heating and cooling services!