At Murphy Company Heating & Cooling, we can help you select the best mini-split AC in Middletown, KY, to provide zoned cooling for your home. You’ll find that a Carrier mini split will meet those needs.

    You can also use a device like this to add cooling to a specific room that does not have ductwork, a new home addition, for example. There are many benefits to this type of system, and it can keep your space cool even during the warmest days.

    The Best Mini-Split AC in Middletown

    There is no need to install ductwork in an outlying space when you can utilize a mini-split AC. This is a simpler way to control the temperature in an area where your central air conditioner will not reach.

    However, you can also use this type of equipment to cool an entire home. Perhaps you’re restoring an older residence in which no ductwork exists. A mini-split system is the solution.

    There are several other benefits of using mini-split AC:
    • Zoned temperature control
    • Greater energy efficiency
    • Smaller carbon footprint
    • Quieter operation
    • Better air quality

    Since there is no ductwork, you do not have to worry about losing energy through it. With a standard system, this is one of the greatest sources of energy loss.

    new ductless mini split outdoor unitZoned temperature control is possible with a mini-split. You only need one unit outdoors and you can then connect multiple indoor units to it. This allows you to use one indoor unit per room so that you can cool only the rooms that you are using at a specific time. You can also set a different temperature for each room.

    Installation is easy and flexible. You will not need to get into the walls and ceilings to add ductwork. A professional will simply install the indoor units on the ceiling or a wall and then place the outdoor unit outside. Since no construction work is necessary, these are also ideal for retrofitting older homes.

    Modern indoor units only put out minimal noise. This makes them a good choice for spaces where you do not want any disturbances, your home office or bedroom, for example.

    Carrier Mini-Split AC Experts

    Our technicians know what it takes to keep your system running smoothly, and we have over 50 years of experience to back this up. Whether you need a repair for your mini split or want to install a new system, we are here to do it properly and with a smile.

    Although we work on all makes and models, we are particularly proud to handle Carrier products. In fact, we’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. They have an excellent reputation, and so do we. Why not discuss your options with us?

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