Q: What is a Diagnostic Fee?
A: A diagnostic fee is assessed to the customer when our highly experienced service technician brings decades of technical knowledge to your home to determine the problem and provide a solution.

Q: What is your standard pricing for residential customers?
A: Parts & repairs are priced on a flat rate basis. Our flat rate pricing system includes taxes, materials, warranty coverage, miscellaneous charges and the time that is involved to bring 50 years of experience to your home. This price does not include the cost of refrigerant.

Q: How much is an estimate?
A: We provide estimates for replacing equipment at no cost to the resident.

Q: What is the “deal” with R-22 and R-410A refrigerant?
A: The EPA set forth a mandate to discontinue R-22 production in the future.  R-410A is its replacement. R-410A is a non-Ozone depleting refrigerant used widely in most new equipment produced by major manufacturuers.