Factory-Trained Furnace Technicians

    An annual furnace tune-up is one of the best ways to protect your investment in heating equipment. In Louisville, KY, Murphy Company Heating & Cooling is your source for highly qualified furnace professionals. Our family-owned and operated company employs Carrier and Manitowoc factory-trained technicians. This training requires adherence to industry standards and ongoing demonstration of technical expertise.

    Since 1973, we’ve built a strong reputation for quality work and honesty. We’re focused on continually improving the customer experience by responding to feedback and maintaining high standards of workmanship. We uphold environmental principles by handling refrigerants in accordance with EPA regulations.

    Our professional qualifications include:

    NATE Certified Technicians

    • State licensing
    • NATE certification
    • BBB accreditation
    • Kentucky Association of Master Contractors

    Benefits of Louisville Furnace Maintenance

    If your heat seems to be working properly at your property in Louisville, furnace maintenance can easily slip your mind. As the years go by, however, wear and tear gradually erode your furnace’s efficiency. Dust and dirt create friction between moving parts. Combustion efficiency might deteriorate, and sensors could fail. Any of these issues may decrease heat output and drive up fuel usage. Eventually, a breakdown could occur and perhaps leave you without heat during cold weather. Asking Murphy Company Heating & Cooling to perform a furnace tune-up at your home in Louisville will prevent these problems. We’ll catch worn-down parts before they fail completely, and we’ll ensure that your system is running at an optimal level. Maintenance before cold weather arrives will let you enter the winter season with confidence that the heat will work.

    Louisville Furnace Maintenance

    Thorough maintenance includes:
    • Blower and fan cleaning
    • Replacement of worn parts
    • Gas pressure test
    • Pilot or igniter test
    • Thermostat test
    • Motor lubrication

    Choose Louisville Furnace Professionals

    Many national chains already trust us to take care of furnace maintenance for them. Subway, Sherwin Williams and FedEx are among our commercial customers. At your home, you can enjoy the same technical expertise that attracted these national clients to us. Without regular maintenance, your furnace will likely wear out before its time. We have the knowledge and factory parts to preserve the working life of your valuable heating equipment.

    Choose Louisville Furnace ProfessionalsOur friendly technicians can take care of all your indoor comfort needs. We’re licensed to repair, maintain and install furnaces and heating equipment. We also know how to solve indoor air quality problems, design duct systems and build custom fabrications. A small investment in preventative maintenance in advance will reward you with consistent and efficient heat throughout the winter.

    Contact Murphy Company Heating & Cooling today to schedule a furnace tune-up anywhere in Louisville. Not looking for heating? Ask about our cooling maintenance services!