Learn more about the best mini-split AC in Jeffersontown, KY, when you contact us. You might want to know more about ductless mini-split air conditioners if you’re thinking of replacing your existing air conditioning system or adding a cooling system to a new addition or previously un-air-conditioned room. Find out if a Carrier mini-split air conditioner is right for you.

    Jeffersontown Best Mini-Split AC

    We not only install mini-split ACs but also service and repair them. Traditionally, air conditioning requires ducts that run to every room in the house.

    Sometimes, retrofitting a new, ducted air conditioner to an old space isn’t very practical, thanks to the house’s layout or certain space requirements. If this is the case, mini-splits may be a better option for your home.

    new ductless mini split outdoor unitDuctless mini-split AC systems can be installed in configurations ranging from single-zone to eight-zone per outdoor unit. Homes with duo-zone mini-splits have two distinctive cooling zones that can be kept at different temperatures if that’s your preference.

    Likewise, if your home has eight-zone mini-split cooling, it’ll be divided into eight zones that can be kept at eight different temperatures, each adjusted to your own personal comfort level.

    Carrier mini-split AC systems require inside components plus the compressor or condenser, which we install outdoors. This unit contains the AC’s power supply, condensation drain, and tubing.

    Our experienced installers can hide the lines, which tend to be smaller than what central air conditioners need, to make the outdoor component blend in with your home and its landscaping.

    What does your home require for a mini-split AC system to be installed?
    • Qualified HVAC Dealer
    • Concrete Pad for the Outdoor Unit
    • Electrical Wires
    • Refrigerant Lines
    • Defrost Line

    Mini-splits should always be installed by a qualified HVAC dealer. For safety and environmental concerns, professionals should only handle refrigerant lines.

    Murphy Company Heating & Cooling Services Carrier Mini-Split

    As a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer, our NATE-certified technicians know exactly what it takes to install, service, and repair genuine Carrier mini-split AC systems.

    We have 50 years of experience, serving Jeffersontown and surrounding communities. Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau can help ease your mind and allow us to help you find the best mini-split AC solutions for your home’s unique needs.

    Your Jeffersontown home will look great with the best mini-split AC from Murphy Company Heating & Cooling; call today. We can also help with mini splits in Louisville, Middletown, St. Matthews, and the surrounding areas.

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