Why is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

April 13, 2021
two men working on an air conditioner

The warm air has arrived, and you finally gave into turning on your air conditioner. When you did, you noticed some noises you do not remember from the previous season. Ignoring these may lead to substantial repair bills or a premature unit replacement.

Learn about some of these noises and what they may be telling you. Then, you can contact a repair technician to solve the problem and get the cool air flowing again.

Rattles, Clanks, and Bangs

Rattles, clanks, and bangs can have several points of origin. In many cases, these tell you something is loose somewhere in your system. It could be as simple as loose fan blades in your condensing unit or some debris caught in your unit. It could also mean something more substantial, like a broken part in your compressor.

Buzzes and Hums

Buzzing and humming are often related to an electrical issue. If your condensing unit capacitor is going bad, it will emit a loud buzzing sound. However, if one of your fan motors is going out, it may also make a humming sound while attempting to startup.

Hissing and Screaming

A hissing or screaming sound should alarm you and is something to take very seriously. In many cases, this is indicative of a refrigerant leak in your system. Low refrigerant will cause damage to your compressor, leading to very expensive repairs.

If the leak is inside of your home, it can be hazardous to the occupants. Turn off the unit, and then schedule a service call. Wait to turn on the air conditioner again until the technician has given you the all-clear signal. If at all possible, open some windows to help increase fresh air circulation and minimize health risks.

If you hear any of these sounds, turn off your air conditioner and immediately contact a repair technician. Homeowners around Louisville have trusted Murphy Company Heating & Cooling for air conditioning repairs since 1973. Our team also provides air conditioning installation and maintenance, along with air quality improvement and heating installation, maintenance, and repair. Call to schedule your air conditioner repair with one of our technicians today.

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