What to Expect During AC Replacement

September 21, 2023
AC Replacement in Louisville, KY

Although having a new air conditioner installed in your Louisville, KY, home is exciting, it may not be as quick and seamless as you expect. Contrary to what many homeowners believe, these projects aren’t always as simple as pulling old units out and sliding new air conditioners in. To help you prepare, the following is everything that happens during a typical AC replacement:

Air Conditioner Sizing

Choosing a new air conditioner requires you to select a unit that is sized for your home. Don’t assume that your current unit is adequate. Even if your current equipment is properly sized for your home, it might not account for all of the building modifications made since its installation.

We use the Manual J Load Calculation to account for insulation amounts, household sizes, ceiling heights, and other factors. We help our clients choose properly sized AC models that provide ample cooling capacity for their homes.

Modifying the Installation Area

Depending on what make and model of air conditioner you choose, it may be slightly larger than your previous unit. If it’s been more than 15 years since you last upgraded your AC, you may need to expand the storage area for your air conditioner’s indoor air handling unit before installation.

Preparing Your Yard for Your AC Condenser

Your new AC system will need a stable, level surface for its outdoor condenser unit. We’ll install a concrete or composite pad in your rear or side yard. We’ll then install the condensing unit and pressurize it, making sure that it has adequate coverage and clearance.

HVAC Air Duct Modifications

Much like AC storage areas, HVAC ductwork often needs slight modifications to accommodate new cooling equipment. We streamline ducting to perfectly suit the designs and performance of modern air conditioners.

Electrical Upgrades

Your central AC is wired directly into your home’s electrical system. Replacing this unit with a more modern and feature-rich design often necessitates electrical upgrades to ensure that the related circuit can support increased electrical demand.

From start to finish, the average AC replacement project lasts between four and eight hours. Before leaving your home, we’ll install your new thermostat, turn your AC on, and test its performance. We’ll also show you how everything works and offer tips for general maintenance.

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