What Size Furnace Do I Need?

February 16, 2021
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You should purchase the right furnace size if you need a new model or want to install a different unit in your Louisville home. The right furnace size goes beyond choosing a small, medium, or large appliance. You need the right-sized furnace to efficiently heat your house and manage your energy costs. If you don’t get the right furnace size, you may have difficulty escaping the winter’s cold or soaring energy bills. Other consequences of the wrong furnace size may include an uncomfortable home, frequent repairs, energy inefficiency, and a shorter equipment lifespan. Here are steps to help you choose the right furnace for your household.

Determine Your Climate

Your climate should be an important consideration when determining the right furnace size for your property. Your area’s climate determines how frequently you need to turn your heater on and the amount of heat you need the unit to produce. The colder the winter in your region, the more heat you’ll require from your furnace. You may need to turn the furnace on fewer times if you reside in warmer areas during the winter months.

Estimate the Square Footage

Your house’s size impacts the furnace size you require. You need more heat output if you have more space that needs heating. It can be a simple step since you only need to confirm your home’s square footage from the leasing, listing, or appraisal. However, it can be harder if you;=’re unsure of the square footage. You can hire an expert to help you measure the rooms that require heating in your home to determine the entire property’s square feet.

Calculate BTU Output

You need to know your home’s BTU output to enable you to choose the right-sized furnace. You can do that by taking the square footage and multiplying it against the BTU that your climate needs. You can confirm with an expert on the British Thermal Units (BTU) of St. Matthew. It would help if you also considered the energy efficiency of a furnace along with your BTU needs.

You can use these simple steps to help you choose the appropriate furnace to heat your home effectively and maintain an ideal energy efficiency level. Our qualified experts will assist you with purchasing and installing the right-sized unit. We’re also trained in indoor air quality testing, customized maintenance, routine repair work, and system installation. Call Murphy Company Heating & Cooling in Louisville today to learn more.

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