What Are Indoor Air Quality Monitors?

March 19, 2021
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Most Louisville, KY, homeowners would be shocked to learn that the air in their homes is two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. Indoor air pollution consists of many types of pollutants, and they all lead to serious respiratory problems. An indoor air quality monitor allows you to keep track of the quality of your home’s air and take action when needed.

How an Air Quality Monitor Works

Indoor air quality monitors are small devices. A fan inside the unit draws in air. A laser shines over the air sample in a chamber. This laser detects vapors, gases and particles. The fan then pushes the air out of the unit. Most indoor air quality monitors have a touchscreen display, and many of them are smart devices that connect to your Wi-Fi and come with an app that allows you to track indoor air quality over time.

Constant Analysis of Your Home’s Air

Indoor air quality monitors are always analyzing your home’s air. If the level of a pollutant becomes unsafe, it may sound an alarm or flash a light. Smart indoor air quality monitors can be set up to text or call you if your home’s air has an unsafe level of a pollutant.

Reasons to Use an Air Quality Monitor

There are many reasons to consider using an indoor air quality monitor. If anyone in your home has a respiratory disorder, knowing the concentration of different pollutants allows you to take action to prevent their symptoms from getting worse. If your home includes a baby or an elderly person, knowing what’s in your home’s air could help you know when to increase active ventilation, change the air filter or stop doing an activity.

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