Top Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance

April 19, 2023
AC Maintenance in Louisville, KY

Top Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance

Summer is on its way, and you’ll be turning on your air conditioner before you know it. Start planning now by putting an AC maintenance appointment on your calendar. When that first blast of cool air hits your home, you’ll be glad that you scheduled an air conditioner tune-up in Louisville.

1. Rest Assured That Your Unit Is Ready

As your air conditioner’s been sitting around this winter, something may have gone wrong. Perhaps a part has broken or some connections have come loose. Maybe it’s just dirty inside or in need of some lubrication.

During an AC maintenance call, a technician will take a close look at your system and get it ready for the season. The technician will clean the system and make sure that everything is in working order. When the first hot day comes, you can count on the AC system to start right away.

2. Avoid Mid-Season Breakdowns

The technician may find a part that has broken — or one that’s about to break. Now is the time to address the problem. It’s often less expensive to repair a small issue than to wait until it becomes a big deal.

Major repair issues can keep your system from running. Your air conditioner might even give out on the hottest day of the year. Fixing little issues before the season starts can help you avoid that unpleasant problem.

3. Save Money on Operating Costs

A clean AC unit runs more efficiently than a dirty one. The more efficient your system is, the lower your power bills will be. A professional cleaning performed by an air conditioning technician could save you money all summer long.

Plus, well-maintained systems often last longer. Annual tune-ups are a smart way to protect the investment that you made in your air conditioner.

For air conditioner maintenance, call Murphy Company Heating & Cooling in Louisville. We’re also pros at AC installation and repair. You can count on us for heating service, maintenance, and installation too. Contact Murphy Company Heating & Cooling to schedule your visit.

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