Top 4 Benefits of Having Your Furnace Inspected Before Winter

October 18, 2023
Furnace inspection in Louisville, KY

Summer and autumn are the perfect times to get your furnace professionally inspected. Some people believe that they can skip furnace inspections as long as everything seems to be working properly, but there are several important reasons why getting a furnace inspection before winter is essential.

1. Reduced Risk of Breakdowns

Suffering from a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter is an extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation. Instead of scrambling to find alternative methods of keeping you and your loved ones warm when the furnace is inoperable, you can help avoid a breakdown by having your furnace inspected before winter hits.

2. Lower Heating Bills

During inspections, various problems that negatively affect efficiency in your furnace may be uncovered, such as worn-out parts, clogged filters, air leaks, and more. Ensuring that your furnace runs as efficiently as possible throughout winter will save you significant amounts of money on your heating bills.

3. Avoid Needing Winter Repairs

The demand for furnace repair is always highest in the winter. Realizing your furnace needs repairs or other service in the middle of winter will likely leave you either unable to get an appointment for weeks or requesting expensive emergency service. Getting a thorough inspection done before winter hits will allow you to detect issues and fix them quickly during a less busy period in the season.

4. Increased Safety and Health

The primary purpose of inspections is to ensure that the furnace is safe to use and won’t have any adverse health effects on anyone within the house. Inspections catch dangerous issues such as carbon monoxide leaks, gas line leaks, and even harmful dust and mold buildup. These problems should always be caught before starting up your furnace for winter to ensure that you and your loved ones stay as safe as possible.

If you’re interested in getting your furnace inspected, you can trust our experienced technicians at Murphy Company Heating & Cooling to provide you with thorough and professional work. In addition to furnace inspections, we also provide repair, installation, and maintenance services for heaters, air conditioners, air purifiers, and more. Contact us at Murphy Company Heating & Cooling today for additional information on any of the services we provide in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas.

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