Signs You Need Emergency AC Repair

July 13, 2023
AC Unit After Emergency AC Repair in Louisville, KY

Nearly every household with an air conditioner has experienced a problem with the system once or several times. While they are not anything new, these problems are always different. Thus, as a homeowner, you need to be able to tell when to schedule routine tune-ups and when to call for emergency repair services. Fortunately, there are several telltale signs that your unit requires emergency repair. Here are some of them.

1. Bizarre Noises

Some air conditioners make some low-level noises during operation because of the compressor. However, if you start hearing odd noises, including hissing, rattling, or banging noises, then it is likely that your AC unit is about to break down. Some of these bizarre noises indicate that one of the components of the system is loose or has become damaged. If you ignore the problem for a long time, you may have to replace the whole system.

2. Warm Air Blowing From the Vents

When your AC is functioning optimally, you expect a steady flow of cold air from the vents. However, if you notice that the fan is still blowing, but warm air is blowing from the vents, you probably need an emergency repair. Warm air emanating from the vents could indicate a faulty compressor. Remember that ignoring such an issue could result in more serious issues.

3. High Humidity Inside Your Home

Among the main advantages of having an AC is that it can effectively control indoor humidity. The ideal indoor humidity ranges between 30% and 50%. If higher than that, your home may feel stuffy and can encourage mold growth. Additionally, very low humidity levels can cause problems such as eye and sinus irritation. Foggy windows and mildew smell are signs you can look out for to determine high humidity inside your home.

It can be frustrating if your AC breaks down when the temperatures outside are unbearable. Waiting for a technician to arrive during an emergency can also be annoying. Thus, knowing the signs to look out for to know that your AC is failing is crucial.

Rely on the Professionals

Whenever you have an emergency problem, you need a priority solution. If you need routine AC tune-up, our team at Murphy Company Heating & Cooling is always ready to meet your needs. We offer HVAC services ranging from installations and repairs to maintenance. Other services include indoor air quality, ductwork, and ductless mini-split services. If you reside in Louisville or the surrounding areas and need AC repair services, call us at Murphy Company Heating & Cooling today.

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