Functional heating equipment in your St. Matthews home is necessary, as local temperatures often dip below freezing. Summer temperatures are frequently near the 90s, so you’ll also need an efficient cooling system. With Murphy Company Heating & Cooling HVAC services, you can enjoy reliable, year-round climate control.

We offer a full range of heating services, including heat pump and furnace installation, maintenance, and repair. We also provide cutting-edge indoor air quality improvements, commonly referred to as IAQ improvements, to keep homes smelling fresh and ensure optimum indoor air quality. We’ve proudly served the region since 1973 and have BBB accreditation and an A+ BBB rating.

Trusted Heating in St. Matthews

You have multiple ways to heat your St. Matthews home. Gas-fired furnaces provide rapid, high-temperature heat. They’re an efficient and cost-effective choice for warming building interiors when the outside weather is frosty. Among fossil fuels, natural gas is also clean-burning. You can find natural gas furnaces with annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings as high as 98.5%. With tightly sealed combustion chambers and two heat exchangers, these units convert 98.5% of the natural gas they consume into heat energy.

Heat pumps are a top choice for residential heating in St. Matthews, given their impressive levels of efficiency and the many benefits they supply:
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Year-round temperature control
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Low operating costs

In winter, heat pumps route outdoor heat indoors. In summer, heat pumps are functionally identical to air conditioners, making them an excellent choice for keeping your home cool.

Quality Cooling in St. Matthews

Residential cooling systems extract indoor heat and route it outside. They also regulate humidity and filter the air. Controlling moisture and reducing contaminates with an air filter keeps building interiors from feeling hot, muggy, and oppressive. It also minimizes the amount of dust, dander, and other allergens floating around. If your St. Matthews home has the necessary ductwork to support central AC, you can choose from many highly efficient, high-performing AC models.

For homes that lack HVAC ductwork, ductless mini-split systems are an excellent choice. Ductless ACs distribute conditioned air right where it’s produced, allowing for cleaner indoor air and eliminating the need for costly ductwork retrofitting projects.

Even if you already have central AC in your St. Matthews home, you can install a ductless mini-split AC for climate control in remote or unserviced rooms:
  • Garden rooms
  • Garages
  • Attic bedrooms
  • Finished basements
  • New home additions

No matter what type of cooling system you choose, you can count on us for installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Although your HVAC system offers limited air filtration, you may need extra IAQ support. HVAC air filters capture many common, large-sized allergens and contaminants. However, gaseous chemical contaminants and germs pass right through them. We offer integrated HVAC system accessories like air purifiers, air scrubbers, and sanitizing UV lights to combat common IAQ concerns.

Integrated IAQ accessories provide many indoor air quality benefits that standard HVAC equipment cannot:
  • Odor control
  • Deactivation of mold, viruses, and bacteria
  • Elimination of micro-fine contaminants
  • Improved HVAC airflow
  • Reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Creating cleaner, healthier indoor air also optimizes HVAC systems’ operating conditions. Investing in IAQ support can make your current HVAC equipment work better and last longer.

If you need expert heating, cooling, or IAQ services in St. Matthews, contact Murphy Company Heating & Cooling today!