When it comes to investing in a cooling or heating system for your home, you have many options. One particular option that is rising in popularity is energy-efficient heat pumps in St. Matthews, KY.

    These heat pumps work to both heat and cool your home with just one simple system. Murphy Company Heating & Cooling is proud to offer professional heat pump installation.

    St. Matthews Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps

    The magic behind heat pumps is in how they work. During the hot summer months, a heat pump will use its refrigerant and evaporator coil to absorb heat and remove humidity from your indoor air.

    This refrigerant will be pumped to your outdoor condenser unit, where its heat will be removed and dispersed into the air outside. This process happens repeatedly until your home reaches your desired temperature.

    During the winter, the same process happens in reverse, pulling heat from outdoors and bringing it into your home.

    There are many great reasons to consider investing in a heat pump for your home:
    • Heating and cooling
    • Energy-efficient operation
    • Eco-friendly
    • No dangerous exhaust fumes

    One of the best reasons to consider investing in a heat pump is that it offers heating and cooling in one unit. There’s no need to spend money on central air conditioning and a furnace or boiler.

    Heat pumps are very energy efficient during their operation. Compared to other traditional heating systems, like furnaces and boilers, heat pumps can reach efficiency levels in the 300 to 400% range.

    With a furnace or boiler, there will always be some energy loss during the combustion process. Even the most energy-efficient boilers and furnaces can only reach up to 98% efficiency. With a more energy-efficient heat pump, you can enjoy lower utility bills throughout the year.

    It’s also important to note that toxic exhaust fumes will always be created during the combustion process for burning oil, gas, or propane. While these are normally vented to the outdoors on your furnace or boiler, there’s always the possibility that something could go awry.

    With a heat pump, you have peace of mind that there are never any harmful fumes created that could be toxic for your family to breathe.

    Expert Heat Pump Installation Service

    With a legacy of over 50 years, Murphy Company Heating & Cooling is a trustworthy name in expert heat pump installation services across St. Matthews.

    Our HVAC technicians are highly experienced and NATE-certified, and we take pride in our BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating. You can expect prompt service, reliable solutions, and transparent pricing when you choose us.

    If you’re looking for energy-efficient heat pumps in St. Matthews, contact our experts at Murphy Company Heating & Cooling today.