How to Remove Clogs From Your AC’s Drain Line

May 16, 2022
Clogged AC Drain Line in Louisville, KY

The long, hot and humid summers in Louisville, KY create a lot of work for your home’s air conditioner. After running countless cooling cycles, your air conditioner might develop a clogged drain line. Ignoring this problem could result in a malfunction or even failure of your air conditioning system. Follow these steps to remove clogs from your AC’s drain line.

Power Off the AC Unit

Go to your thermostat, and select the “off” function for the air conditioner. Find the air conditioner’s power switch, and put it in the “off” position. Finally, locate the breaker for the air conditioner in the breaker box. Turn it off. All of these steps are necessary in order to avoid electrocution and to protect your cooling system.

Check the Drain Pan

Locate the drain pan in your air conditioner’s indoor unit. If it has standing water, use clean towels to soak up the moisture. If any areas of the drain pan have rust or corrosion, replace it. A rusted drain pan could cause premature failure of your air conditioner. Removing this water also prevents a mess once you unclog the condensate drain pipe.

Unclog the Pipe

Disconnect the condensate drain pipe from the air handler. Take it outdoors. Use a garden hose to flush debris out. If the water doesn’t make it all the way through the pipe, you may need a drain snake or auger to push out the debris. Test the pipe again to see if water flows through it. Pour a 10% diluted bleach solution through the pipe to get rid of mold and bacteria. Reattach the pipe, and restore power to the AC unit.

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