Top Options for Successfully Heating Your Basement

November 20, 2021
Basement Heating Options in Louisville, KY

If you’re thinking of using your basement to create more living space for the winter season, you’ll need to consider how you’re going to heat it. The reality is that you have many different heating options that you can utilize depending on your budget and your overall heating needs.


One of the simplest options for heating your basement is simply installing baseboard heaters. You’ll need to put a heater in every room of your basement. Each one will be hardwired to your electrical panel and have its own thermostat. As with most electric-powered heating systems, these can be expensive to run.

Attach to Your Existing HVAC System

If you already have a centralized heating system installed in your home, you may be able to simply connect to it. By adding some ducting and registers, you can easily heat your basement. However, you’ll want to consult a heating system professional first to ensure that your system can adequately heat both your main home and your basement.

Ductless Mini-Split

If you don’t already have ducts installed or you can’t connect to them successfully, you can opt for a ductless mini-split unit. This involves an outdoor compressor unit that is connected to various wall-mounted units through small piping on the exterior of your home. You’ll need to have a wall-mounted unit installed in all of the main rooms of your basement. Each unit will come with its own remote for zone temperature control.

Space Heater

If you’re simply looking for a way to heat up your basement for a couple of hours while you’re down there, you may just want to purchase a space heater. These are fairly inexpensive to purchase and plug right into your existing power outlets. These are not a good option for around-the-clock heating as space heaters are highly prone to overheating.

Professional Heating Installation Services

Murphy Company Heating & Cooling offers professional heating installation services for the entire Louisville, KY, community. We’re also available for all of your cooling, indoor air quality, ductless mini-split, ductwork, and commercial HVAC services. Call us today to get the assistance that you need!

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