How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

June 6, 2021
AC Cleaning in Louisville, KY

Good air quality in your home is very important for your health. Without it, you may find yourself with allergies or respiratory conditions. Clean air in your home begins with a clean air conditioning unit. Here’s how to clean your air conditioner so that you and your family can breathe easily.

How to Clean the Inside of Your Air Conditioning Unit

A component of your air conditioner that needs periodic cleaning is the evaporator coil. Before working with your air conditioning machinery, always make sure to switch off its power via your circuit breaker. After this, you are ready to open up the machine.

To accomplish this, you will likely need to remove screws or duct tape that hold the door to the opening shut. Subsequently, when the coils are in view, take a soft brush and wipe them down. It is best to combine it with a special cleaning solution to get rid of most dust and debris.

How to Clean the Outside of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Another area of your air conditioner that requires cleaning maintenance is the exterior fan and cage. The exterior fan is what blows cool air into your home. If it’s too dusty, it can cause unwanted effects such as allergies or dust buildup inside.

To clean it, first you need to open the cage enclosing it. This will likely require screw or duct tape removal. After that, you can clean the fan with a soft brush and a special cleaning solution. Be sure to touch all of the fan’s surface area, even between the blades and in spots that are hard to reach.

How to Clean Your Filter

Your air conditioning filter can also trap problematic allergens like dust and pollen. Fortunately, cleaning it is easy. You can clear it of dust and pollen through soaking, vacuuming, and spraying. Keep in mind that many AC models use a disposable filter. Rather than cleaning these, you simply replace them with a new one. You typically need to replace your filter about once every three months.

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