Can I Power Wash My AC Unit?

August 11, 2022
AC Cleaning in Louisville, KY

As a responsible homeowner, it’s necessary that you clean your outdoor compressor unit twice a year. This should happen in the early spring and in the late fall to ensure that your unit remains in great condition. When it comes to the physical cleaning process, it may sound like a great idea to use a power washer.

The Problem With Power Washers

Power washers are specifically designed to use high-pressure water to clean objects. While this can work for the main outside cover on your AC compressor unit, it’s not recommended for the interior components. Some AC components like coils and fins are constructed of sensitive copper and aluminum metals. These metals are well-known to bend, break, and even develop holes when they come into contact with pressurized water.

What Should You Use to Clean Your AC Compressor?

The best tools to adequately clean your outside compressor include a vacuum, condenser coil cleaner, and a garden hose. Start with your vacuum and try to suck up any debris that is inside your unit. Make sure you run the vacuum hose across the fins to help remove any debris stuck in between them.

Next, opt for spraying off the interior of the compressor unit. Be mindful of any electrical areas where you’ll want to limit any water from coming into contact. After you’ve given all the internal components a good washing, it’s time to utilize your specialized condenser coil cleaner.

You can typically find this special cleaner at your local hardware store. You’ll want to apply the cleaner to the coils and then let it sit for the recommended time. This cleaner will take care of removing dirt and grime that has gotten stuck on your condenser coils without the need for any pressurized water. Once the cleaner has sat for its recommended time, use your hose to clear the cleaner out of your unit.

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