Ways to Extend the Life of an HVAC System

March 17, 2020

Ways to Extend the Life of an HVAC SystemKeeping your home’s HVAC system functioning at peak performance should be a priority. While most HVAC systems last an average of 10 to 15 years, there are several maintenance tasks you can complete that may extend the functional lifespan of your unit. Below, you’ll find three basic maintenance tips you can tackle on your own to keep your HVAC system working in great condition.

1. Schedule at Least Two Tune-Ups Each Year

An HVAC system isn’t typically high-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean routine inspections aren’t important. Your system should be inspected, cleaned and tuned-up at least twice a year to prevent any minor problems from becoming major, costly issues. For best results, schedule your HVAC service in the spring and early fall. That way, your unit will be optimized to perform efficiently the moment you need it.

2. Regularly Change Your Filters

Dirty air filters can overtax your HVAC system, causing it to work much harder to circulate clean air throughout your home. Although your HVAC technician will check your filters twice a year during regular inspections, replacing filters as needed is primarily up to the homeowner. Follow all instructions that were provided by your air filter manufacturer. Some types of air filters require monthly replacement while others may last for up to three months. If your filters appear dirty, you should replace them even if it’s ahead of schedule.

3. Take Care of Your Ductwork

At least once a year, inspect your ductwork by opening one of the air registers of your HVAC system. Check for dirt, dust and other contaminants that may be partially blocking your ducts and overworking your system. If you notice mold, mildew, cobwebs or animal droppings, schedule professional duct cleaning service by a licensed technician. Otherwise, harmful substances could be recirculated by your HVAC unit, leading to unpleasant odors and potential health problems.

Contact the HVAC Maintenance Specialists

Your HVAC system is one of your biggest investments, so you shouldn’t take advantage of it. Contact the friendly HVAC experts at Murphy Company Heating & Cooling today to schedule HVAC maintenance service. We’ve been serving residents of St. Matthews and the Louisville area for nearly half a century. You can rely on us for any heating, cooling or air quality installation, maintenance or repair.

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