Things To Know About Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

May 13, 2020

Carbon monoxide kills over 400 Americans each year and injures thousands more. In most cases, this is avoidable. Here are some things you need to know about carbon monoxide in your home and how you can protect yourself and your family.

Safety Can Prevent Poisoning

Regular maintenance in your house and certain common-sense solutions can keep carbon monoxide from becoming a problem. For example, checking your chimney each year is one way to detect a possible issue. In addition, you should avoid using certain appliances and heaters within closed quarters. You should especially take extra precautions in the winter when people are trying to heat their homes or warm up their cars in the garage.

You May Not Know It’s There

Carbon monoxide is an odorless substance that you’ll likely not be able to detect using your senses. Often, you do not know that it is there until it is too late. Without technology on your side, you will not be able to detect the fact that you have a leak. Sometimes, the only way to know that there is carbon monoxide in your house is through symptoms of poisoning. Outside of that, you will need a carbon monoxide detector in your home since it is the only way to learn that you may be in trouble before it is too late.

Detectors Must Be Properly Installed

You will likely need more than one carbon monoxide detector in your residence for the maximum possible protection. Make sure that you have a detector in your basement if your home has one since that can be a problem area. Also, install one in the bedrooms because that is where you are most in danger. It is crucial to regularly check the batteries on your detectors to keep them in proper working order.

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