The Different Careers in HVAC

July 15, 2020
Updated August 2023

HVAC is one of the most important industries out there. Everyone from large corporations to homeowners rely on HVAC professionals to repair, install and maintain the systems that controls their comfort. Here are some of the different and most popular careers in HVAC.

Residential HVAC Service

A career path for those interested in the heating and cooling industry is to work with residential systems. This category consists of HVAC technicians who go from home to home and respond to residential needs. Solar technicians that work on solar panels are in high demand. Air conditioning specialists are needed so homeowners can cool off their homes on those hot summer days. Heating experts are needed to keep homeowners warm in the winter months. Residential technicians need to have strong personal skills and the ability to cooperate with their clients. Similarly, many HVAC companies have customer representatives who can answer any questions by phone or email.

Commercial HVAC Service

You can also choose a career that focuses on business needs for heating, cooling or air quality control. These technicians take care of all the needs of commercial businesses and companies. These projects tend to be on a larger scale, so these commercial technicians often work alongside one another in teams. Commercial HVAC systems often feature roof-mounted equipment. This means they tend to work closely with roofing contractors.

Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration is so prominent that it deserves a category of its own. Businesses in the food industry are always looking for the most effective ways to refrigerate their food and other products. Refrigeration specialists can install the most efficient models of refrigerators and freezers in a matter of hours. To maintain safe temperatures for food, it’s also important to control the temperatures in the rest of the building.

Experienced HVAC Professionals

There are many different careers in HVAC that complement one another. A company such as Murphy Company Heating & Cooling in Louisville, KY, is staffed with experienced HVAC professionals who are familiar with all of the above. We’re invested in the repair, installation and maintenance of heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. Reach out today in order to take advantage of these HVAC services!

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