Signs That You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner

July 9, 2019

You rely on your AC unit to maintain your comfort during the warmest months of the year. It’s a major component of your home and a major investment. Prior to making your decision, it’s important that you consult with reputable industry professionals who are knowledgeable about repairing or replacing AC units. Turn to Murphy Company Heating & Cooling in Louisville to help you make a final determination, but here are some common signs that you may be due for new equipment.

Difficulty Cooling Your Home

Once your AC unit starts working harder than it should be to keep your home cool, it may be on the verge of breaking down completely, up to and including a failure of the compressor. This can be expensive to replace and may mean that it is more efficient to have the entire system replaced instead.

Your AC Unit Uses R22 Freon

Federal government regulations are beginning to require that the installation of AC units that use R22 Freon be phased out in favor of units that run on the more efficient R410A form of Freon. This means that the cost of the older Freon will go up in the short term. Having to repair a unit that leaks the older type will be even more burdensome.

Your Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old

Many AC units are designed and built to last around 15 years, but they can begin requiring extensive repairs as they break down more frequently. If your AC unit was installed in your home before you made any major structural changes, this is another reason why it may be too old for your current residential layout.

Expensive Cooling Bills

A sharp increase in your energy bills during the summer months is a strong indication that your AC unit is becoming less efficient over time or starting to break down completely. If the ductwork in your home is either leaking or clogged with something that keeps the air from moving through it efficiently, this is another problem that needs to be addressed.

Finding Reliable AC Repair and Replacement Services

Call our seasoned and skilled AC repair technicians at Murphy Company Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment to have your AC unit inspected. We perform a full range of cooling and heating installation, maintenance, and repair.

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