The Importance of HVAC Safety Checks

November 18, 2020

Periodic HVAC safety checks are incredibly important for maintaining a safe and healthy home. The truth in this lies in the fact that all HVAC systems utilize a complex system of potentially hazardous processes, chemicals, gases, and more. A malfunctioning system can therefore pose a number of serious threats, including those listed below.

Fire Hazards

The potential for fire in an unsafe and unchecked system is very real. Aside from the components that are designed to create heat and/or gas combustion, there are many other components in the typical system that can also generate dangerous heat and fire if not periodically checked and maintained. Issues with wiring, circuit boards, and coil connections are among some of the top offenders.

Air Contamination

While HVAC systems are designed to control many aspects of the air in your home, unchecked system problems can directly cause some very serious air contamination issues. Dust, mold, carbon matter, and other pollutants are just some of those issues. Even more serious, malfunctioning and unchecked systems can emit lethal carbon monoxide and other gases into the indoor air.

Electrical Shock

While less common, electrical shock can be a real danger in systems that have not been periodically inspected. For example, long-term vibration can easily cause wires to come loose and make contact with areas that you might also touch. The result can range from a very painful jolt to a lethal dose of electrical discharge into homeowners, pets, visitors, and others.

Water Leakage

Finally, water leaks are another safety concern that can manifest when a system is not routinely checked and maintained. Such leaks can cause damage to floors, walls, and the system itself, in addition to causing some serious mold and mildew growth in or around the system. Furthermore, water leaks in an HVAC system can also quickly cause electrical shorts, fires, and more.

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