How Candles Effect Indoor Air Quality

February 13, 2020

How Candles Effect Indoor Air QualityMany of us love the ambient lighting that a few strategically placed candles can provide. However, this seemingly innocuous source of light does come with some risks.

At Murphy Company Heating & Cooling, we’ve been the premier air quality professionals serving Louisville and the surrounding area for almost 50 years. That’s why we’re here to warn you of exactly how candles can affect your indoor air quality.

What Are the Health Risks?

Not only are there some harmful chemicals that get released when burning candles, but they can also cause soot to form. Soot is common, especially with cheaper and scented candles. According to a study undertaken by the Technical University of Denmark, the soot that gets produced by candles is one of the main causes of indoor ultrafine particles that can enter your lungs and cause all manner of health issues.

Another study, from South Carolina State University, discovered that toxic chemicals benzene and toluene can be emitted by paraffin candles. These toxic chemicals can lead to asthma, respiratory ailments and even some forms of cancer.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t light a candle inside your home again. There are a few steps you should take if you want to make your home environment a bit safer and healthier.

Try not to light any candles in rooms that are not ventilated. You’ll want to keep a door or window ajar to ensure that you’re not smothering yourself in any harmful chemicals. Air purifiers can be a great way to get rid of any indoor pollutants, not just those produced by your candles.

You should also shop for the right type of candles. Natural, unscented candles made from beeswax won’t contain nearly as much in the way of carcinogenic chemicals as candles made from paraffin will. Ensure that you’re not buying candles with a metal insert, though. Make sure you’re buying candles that have a thin wick. Then trim them to around a quarter-inch before lighting them. With a shorter wick, the candle won’t be able to produce as much soot.

Be wary of how long you’re burning your candles. Ideally, you won’t want them lit for any more than an hour or two per day.

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