Furnace Efficiency Tips

January 7, 2020

Furnace Efficiency TipsWant to help make sure your furnace continues operating smoothly throughout the colder months? These simple pointers will go a long way toward bolstering your heating system’s efficiency.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Furnace filters are designed to keep dust, hair and other debris from entering your furnace and becoming a fire hazard. After a period of time, though, your furnace filter gets clogged. That means your furnace has to work extra hard to pull in the air it needs to function. Working this hard stresses your heating system and puts it at a higher risk for breakdowns. You may notice an increase in your energy bills, too.

How often should you change your filter? That depends upon the amount of particulates in the air of your home. Most furnace filters need to be changed every three months. Get in the habit of checking your furnace filter on a monthly basis. If there’s visible debris in it, it probably needs to be changed.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Homeowners waste an enormous amount of energy heating their homes at unnecessary times. A programmable thermostat allows you to customize your heat use in advance according to predetermined heat settings that take effect at different times of the day. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that homeowners can save between 10 to 30% on their monthly heating bills by installing a programmable thermostat.

Have Your Furnace Serviced Regularly

Regular maintenance services can extend the functioning life of your furnace and help you keep heating costs manageable. Regular maintenance will also allow HVAC technicians to identify parts that aren’t functioning optimally and replace them before they lead to costly system breakdowns. Furnace maintenance generally includes filter replacement, thermostat checks, inspections of all components and thorough cleaning.

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